Financial Aid Form

Attached the financial aid English & Arabic approved version.

Attached the approved financial aid elgibilty criteria English & Arabic approved version.

The financial aid is only offered for the applicants who meet the financial aid criteria (mentioned in the attached criteria).

the financial aid has a seperate application which has to be filled in addition to the main admissions application.

The financial aid application will be open in the same duration of the main application.

Any applicant fail to submit the application and the needed supporting documents within the daedline their application will not be considered.

The applicant should follow up on his/her financial aid application on

The financial aid applications will be reviewed by a committe and the percentages will be dtermined as per the criteria and will be effective strting the second installment.

The percentage of the financial aid range will be from 25%- 100 %”

How to fill in the application step by step

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