Attached the scholarship application English & Arabic version (Approved by the CEO but not yet sent to the QA)

Attached the scholarship criteria ( Approved by the CEO but not yet sent to the QA)

The merit and sports scholarship percentage will be from 30% – 100% (the exact number of scholarships will be determined later.

The scholarship has a seperate application which has to be filled in adittion to the main admissions application which will be availabe in the same time of the main one and will keep open for two weeks.

Applicants who submitt the scholarship application after the deadline their applications will not be cosidered.

The percentage of the scholarship for the applicant will be reviewd case by case by STA scolarship committe and will be efective atrting the second installment.

The applicants should follow up on their scholarship application D6with the Admissions team through email (willbe activated today 10/5/2021 as per the IT)

The scholarships is only offered to the applicants after their acceptance.