Student Benefits

Apart from regular technical schools and alike STA provides its students with unrivalled and outstanding learning and training environment awarding the learners with:

  • 3-year Technical Diploma from the Egyptian MoE&TE
  • Certificate of Competencies from Industrial Partners”

Some of the Direct benefits for the students, include:

  • Internationally recognized & competency-based 3-year technical programs: all STA curriculums are competency-based and aligned with international standards to provide STA learners with a significant edge in the local and regional market
  • Medical insurance coverage against all diseases and labor injuries to release all financial burdens on students as it comes to their health
  • Uniforms: STA provide its students with uniforms to be utilized during school and in-company training activities
  • Educational materials: STA is providing to all its students all educational material required for the personal and educational development of the learners, including Digital learning materials, printed material (textbooks, pamphlets, handouts, study guides, manuals),
  • Extracurricular activities: to the students, to enhance their professional skills and shape their attitude and personality, including courses in cost reduction, soft skills, work ethics, IT and English language (general and technical) certified by Cambridge University. As well as including sports activities, trips and travelling events, etc
  • Registration and support through STA ALUMNI and STA Employment Portal: through students’ subscription to STA employment portal and participation in the annual employment fairs and forums organized by STA to promote and place STA graduates in the local market. Our employment unit facilitates the school-to-job transition and boost of our graduates’ employability by providing more job opportunities
  • Monthly allowance: (in collaboration with partner companies) in accordance to MoE&TE regulation, students must receive during their training activities at company premises, a monthly wage of (300 EGP/month in the first year, 400 EGP/month in the second year and 500 EGP/month for the third and last year of the study program)”